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How to get up to a $200* REBATE

Apartment Rent Rebate

We offer a cash rebate once you sign a lease using our service and listing “HOUSTON AREA APARTMENT LOCATOR” on your applications and tour cards. When clients sign a lease with an apartment, they send us a commission for placing a qualified client in their property. This is how our agents get paid for their hard work, why our service is free to you, and how we pay your apartment rent rebate!

Properties usually take 60-90 days to send our commission after a client moves in. Once it has been received, we send you a rebate check up to $200 within 24 hours!

We send an apartment rent rebate as a “thank you” for using our service and as a reminder to list “HOUSTON AREA APARTMENT LOCATOR” as your referral/locator on all applications and tour cards. We are confident our superior knowledge on the city, cash rebate, and free service will help you find exactly the apartment you deserve!